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by Stephanie A. Lloyd on August 12, 2009 · 1 comment

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In an hour I’m going to be a guest on the Recruiting Animal’s weekly radio show.

When I spoke to him on Monday regarding what we’d talk about for an hour I said that I’d like to talk about how blogs can help people get a job / grow their business / boost their career. Animal reminded me that he likes for his guests to have specific examples so this morning I’ve been doing some research.

Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I know.

Anyway I discovered this blog post entitled How my blog got me a new job and wanted to share it with you because Rod Boothby makes some truly excellent points.

Cartoon by Hugh

Cartoon by Hugh

For me, one of the most amazing things about my new job is that the job found me through my blog. I am going to be writing more about the job and the amazing company I am joining over then next few days, however, in the short term, I’d like to focus on describing how this blog has helped me move on to the next stage in my career.”

Building a network

According to my web server site stats, the article about my departure from Ernst & Young has already been viewed over 800 times and this blog has already received over 116,000 visitors this year. Although the site started off slowly, last month, the site received over 22,000 unique visitors. Because of the blog, I was asked to speak at 5 conferences this year, and was approached by a major publisher about writing a book. By writing the blog, I also had an opportunity to connect with other people who specialized in how this technology can be used within the Enterprise. Those people included the Enterprise Irregulars, professors at leading business schools and the CEOs of numerous technology start-ups.”

How big is your personal network?

“Think about it this way. Say you write the world’s best resume, and a stellar cover letter. Send it off to one company. You can reuse parts of the resume, and some of the cover letter for a second company. Are you going to reach 100,000 companies within a year? Are you going to be able to demonstrate clearly how excited and interested you are in what ever it is that you do? Are you going to be able to show those potential employers how you think, how you handle yourself in tough situations, and truly how much value you can add?”

Hiring a blogger means hiring a known quantity

“Imagine you are a prospective employer, and you can compare two identical candidates. The first candidate has simply handed you a 2 page resume + 1 page cover letter. The second candidate has done the same, but they have also included a link to their blog. Now, further imagine that although the blog gives a more detailed picture, it does not change your opinion of the second candidate.

Which candidate would you choose? My guess is that you would choose the blogger simply because they are a known quantity. When you hire someone, you do not know exactly how they are going to work out.”

Boothby goes on to say, “The resume, cover letter and interview give you some information. Based on that information, you can guess on average how the candidate is going to work out. You might guess the exact same quality level for the blogger candidate, but because you have more information from all the blog posts, all the links, searching on their site for instances of how they have handled angry comments, you get a much better idea of how that candidate is going to perform.

Thus, hiring a blogger is a lower risk proposition because you have more information and a better idea of how they are going to perform.”

To read the post in its entirety – and to see Rod’s nifty visual aid illustrating his last point – click here.

Still don’t believe me? Check out How having a blog landed me a job by Lance Haun.

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